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footwear development consultancy


Creative Artisan:

Perfect Balance of Technical & Design Aspect

We are born as artisan and solidly trained by the high standard environment on Cutting, Pattern Making, Stitching and Shoe Lasting. We believe that only by improving technical details, a designer is able to create the right silhouette, shape and quality. We believe the perfect balance of technical perfection and originality on design.

Italian Luxury Experience: 

Tradition and innovation

Through the experiences of working with different luxury shoes factories, we built up a strength on this complex topic: “How to start up a brand”, which often includes finding solutions on time, managing various collections efficiently, working with technical limits and budgets, and keeping brand identity on patterns. Arise.S team is the bridge between traditional shoe making and modern creativity.

International Educational experience:

Sharing & Delivering

After many years of teaching experiences on footwear field internationally, we believe that we are capable of bring out our knowledge to the next level and transform it to valuable information, which is very hard to get online. We speak English, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish fluently, which enables us to share our knowledge globally.

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Footwear Development Consultancy   

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