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Richard Siccardi was born in South Africa and had moved to Vigevano, Italy in his early age.

His first, significant experience in the footwear industry was working in a factory where he started pattern making for Italian footwear groups, such as Pam and Mariella Burani. After these initial experiences, he worked also with the manufacturers produced some of the most important international brands.

He got great opportunities to follow the collections of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Missoni and many others.

After a few years, he decided to pursue one of his many talents, teaching, at the well-known shoe pattern making & design institute: Arsutoria School.

During his 10 years of teaching career, he had taught more than thousands of students from all over the world. In 2012, Sarah Flint, a New York based designer had convinced him to be her production manager and to start her first collection together.

Soon after, Flint had launched her first luxury women collection with great success and started to receive media exposures with great amount of requests from high-end department stores in New York. The great amount of work between the brand and the school had made Richard think about building up a team which provides stronger support, that was the same year when he met Shaowei and found they share extremely similar vision and taste on shoe design. 

Therefore, four years later, they founded Arise.S together.

Shaowei Wu, grew up in Taiwan and moved to Milan for one of the best MA schools, Domus Academy, and to pursue her life career in fashion and accessory design business. ​​She couldn’t help but falling in love to shoe making world since then.

She is a communicator between the creative and the technical fields and a great coordinator who makes sure every detail goes on the right track under the demand.

She had been working with the international luxury shoe brand “Sarah Flint” from New York, where she started pattern making along with Richard Siccardi.

Thanks to the valuable feedback and the appreciation from the designer, she started to work on several researches on design, materials and patterns for the brand. She got to combine her observation on design with the knowledge of pattern making, stitching and any related techniques. 

While working for Sarah Flint, she worked also as a lecturer at Arsutoria School, where she dedicates lots of her time to share her international experiences with young designers from all over the world.

All these wonderful experiences had brought her to a decision of starting Arise.S together with Richard.

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